Toilet Templates


An itinerant installation uses WCs as platforms for exchanges amongst cultures. The walls are covered with transparent plastic sheets, pencils and materials are hanging on the wall, which toilet users can use to write their thoughts. A monitor somewhere in the room shows a video from the written wall of the last site where the installation was. After the site has been visited and "used", I post-produce a video rewriting the best thoughts and record my act of writing, the sound of the pencil on the material, sometimes also the human voice. Thus, the video shown in the toilet will "grow" after each new site, serving as the so-called Template. For the next installation, the video will report the previous installation, using the messages as sources for new video and audio material, and so on. In the very first installation, the video was made of transparent squares, used as a template for writing chinese characters, because I hope one day to finish this installation in China.  Going into the WC installation, people from different countries and cultures can experience intimate thoughts about each other. After the installation reaches the final station in China, a video will display all of the videos at the same time on a big screen.
This installation is open for any kinds of thoughts, and reflects environments as they are. Nevertheless, I do not have the intention to spread any critical content like racism, sexism, fundamentalism or any "ism" that leads to any kind of violence.

The template video for the first installation:

1. Ladyfest Fringe @ Studiobühne Ritterstrasse Berlin


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