Invitation to touch - with Rachel Brooker & Anima Dance

Invitation at Dock 11 from Rachel Brooker on Vimeo
Invitation to touch was a performative and interactive installation directed by Rachel Brooker for which I had the pleasure to make the music.
During the creative process I was very comfortable between the acts of developing sound and movement combinations, including some choices on sounding objects. We had shows at Dock 11 in Berlin, at Gaswerk in Weimar and some other places. At Dock 11 we had a gorgeous stage design within a big room with high walls, which made the audience very free to explore the space and the opportunities offered by the performance.

Invitation opens with the words:
This is an invitation to touch anywhere on exposed skin. You are free to touch or not to touch. Direction: Rachel Brooker
Music: Laura Mello
Video: Kosei Takasaki
Video by Andrea Keiz at Dock 11, Berlin in May 2008, edited by Rachel Brooker

Invitation @ Skizum Studios 2007

Invitation to Touch from Rachel Brooker on Vimeo

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