Laura Mello´s and friend´s works more or less related to the medium radio.

KosmetiKRadio aims to enlighten daily soundscapes. Lights up: here is the...sound!


LIVING RADIO R-Edition #1 on Oe1 Kunstradio

On September 13th 23:05 (GMT+2), a new edition of Living Radio will be on air in the Kunstradio series of the Austrian State Radio Oe1, curated by Elisabeth Zimmermann.


LIVING RADIO  will be on air again on 04.09.15 08:00 London Time.
If you are in London, tune in 104.4,
anywhere else:


Living Radio next dates and fotos

Roberta Cortese, Christoph Theussl im MQ - ©SabineGroschup

Next dates:

23.08.15 5pm  Tonspur_Passage inside Museumsquartier Vienna
8 channel installation for the Tonspur_Passage
Exhibition opening

13.09.15 Ö1 Kunstradio 11 pm

A big thanks to everybody who was involved in this performance:
Roberta Cortese 
Christoph Theussl 
Wolfgang Musil and ELAK
Georg Weckwerth and Peter Szely from Tonspur
Pawel Kaminski, Ruth und René from Orange 94
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara from Radia
Elisabeth Zimmermann from Kunstradio
Werner Korn from Echoraum


Living Radio - live Audio Guide Intervention - August 8 @ Museumsquartier Vienna

Foto: Laura Mello / Grafik: Frank Paul

Voices in the radio spot: Christoph Theussl, Fernanda Farah, Pawel Kaminski

TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum 2015
3-part Live-Audio-Guide-Intervention and Live-Radio Show

On August 8 turn on your radio on Orange 94.00 FM (in Vienna) or your internet device on http://o94.at/ and be a part of Living Radio.
Two actors investigate the area in Museumsquartier – Vienna, and speak their 
observations, impressions, fantasies into wireless microphones. The material from this live Audio Guide will be combined live with sound composed by Laura Mello (Artist-in-Residence in Quartier 21 curated by Tonspur) and broadcasted live on Orange 94.0 (http://o94.at) within the radio series from the viennese Radia collective. You can listen to it on spot using your smartphone with VHF radio or worldwide via internet radio.

Schedule on August 08 (click to listen to the full recording):

How to participate:


Livestream: http://o94.at
o94 Radio-App: http://app.o94.at
Radio UKW: 94.0 Mhz - in Wien
Telekabel: 92.7 Mhz - in Wien



Come to Museumsquartier on August 8 at the times listed above, look for the microphone, say the words “here”, “now” or "change" (in any language), and your voice may be integrated in the installation

Concept, Composition: Laura Mello

Actors: Roberta Cortese, Christoph Theußl
Sound direction: Wolfgang Musil
Organisation: Tonspur / Georg Weckwerth
Realisation: Orange 94.0
Partner: Ö1 Kunstradio, Radia

In its autopoietic intention, between real and staged life, accepting what is there through the filters of our actual condition, multiplied by our gained culture multiplied by the actual circumstances.

It may open space for individual spontaneous observations. For different kinds of expressions, different media: sounds and words in different accents or dialects.

The medium is the message and not invisible at all. It is as invisible as the illusion of your bodies, which we may be able to perceive, but still can hardly express in words.


Punsch Me on Beatport Exclusive female:pressure Compilation

PRLog - June 22, 2015 - BERLIN, Germany -- Artist: Various
Title: female:pressure Revellers Comp 1
Label: Reveller Records
Beatport Exclusive Release: 25th June 2015
Cat. No. REV003FP

After a recent media surge surrounding their visibility project mentioned by Bjork, Fader, LA Weekly, female:pressure has scheduled an exclusive release on Beatport for the 25th of June, is female:pressure Revellers Comp 1, through R (http://www.revellerrecords.com/)
eveller Records. It will be available in other digital stores and for streaming four weeks later. All profits from the compilation will fund their next edition of the female:pressure Perspectives Festival  in Berlin. Covering 15 tracks near 90 minutes, the compilation is mostly dance focussed while featuring a variety of genres including House, Techno and eclectic Electronica. The result is a journey of grooves and vibes with captivating beats, textures and climaxes.


News Blues by Nicholas Bussmann at Fundação de Serralves

Rico Repotente, Lucile Desamory, Fernanda Farah, Yusuf Ergün, Laura Mello, Todosch, Eduard Mont di Palol

17 ABR: The News Blues
18 ABR: Major News / Minor News (estreia mundial)
19 ABR: The News Blues (workshop aberto à participação do público) + Todosch Schlopsnies a solo (guitarra e voz) 

As notícias do dia funcionam mais como uma constante evocadora do que uma série de sinais relevantes. Contribuem para a nossa sensação de estarmos vivos, de estarmos presentes, mas pouco fazem para provocar ações ou decisões. Nicholas Bussmann aborda as notícias como uma corrente de dados a serem processados por 7 intérpretes que, empregando as suas línguas, executam uma composição ou, por outras palavras,um algoritmo. A composição é um conjunto de simples instruções para estruturar a representação em múltiplos níveis, para filtrar, harmonizar ou decompor as notícias e desencadear a interação social entre os executantes. 


Seek Inc.

Seek Inc. at Konzerthaus Vienna from Laura Mello on Vimeo.

A new band is born!
SEEK INC. are:
Reinhard Dundler: Acoustic  and Electric Basses, Voice, Effects
Wolfgang Musil: EMS Synthi A, Electronics
Laura Mello: Voice, Whatever Sounds, Electronics

Next concert 28.03.15 @ Moë Vienna


New Adits Festival @ Agora Radio


Tonight the musical opening (with a tape piece of mine) of New Adits Festival is taking place at raj in the city of Klagenfurt (A) and Radio Agora will be streaming the concert live from 20:06 to 23:00.
Agora is a bilingual free radio station (german/slovenian) for the Carinthia region, where both languages are spoken.
New Adits is a is a cross-genre music festival that takes place in Klagenfurt/Celovec, Austria,
in co-operation with the venue “raj” – Verein_Innenhofkultur.


Jumping Sound System

A project by Stephan Pirker for Festival der Regionen, in Eferding (A) on June the 9th 2013.
Jumping Sound System were wired skiers wearing sensors and microphones that transmitted information via radio to the stadium about their load, speed and slope during the jump.



Joy Frempong being interviewd by Thomas Burkhalter

Joy Frempong aka OY was the only girl interviewed at the Workshop Cultural Identities in Sound Art.


Cultural Identities in Sound Art - Report on the workshop

Daisuke Ishida being interviewd by Sabine Sanio

Cultural Identity...this is a topic one can approach pretty widely.


Linda é uma revista..../A magazine is linda...

Capa da última edição (bilíngue) da Linda

...when it verses on experimental brazilian music. Linda is a rare apparition / literary representation which finally gives place to what already happens for ages. Linda is the electronic brazilian magazine about electroacoustic music and other associated tricks. Presenting bilingual contributions of Aline Vieira, Daniel Puig, Marcela Lucatelli e Luis Felipe Labaki. Delight yourself!
...quando ela fala de música experimental brasileira. Linda é esta rara aparição / representação literária quando ela finalmente dá espaço àquilo que já acontece há tanto tempo. Linda é a revista eletrônica brasileira de música eletroacústica e gambiarras associadas. Com colaborações de Aline Vieira, Daniel Puig, Marcela Lucatelli e Luis Felipe Labaki Deleite-se!


Velak Export #3 - Radio Panik

Yes, this image is a hommage to Valie Export

An excerpt of my piece "Kafkeywordeska" will be played during Panikradio´s (at the same time on Dublab too) program on the festival Velak Export #3 in Brussels, taking place 26.06. and 27.06. at Les Ateliers Claus.


Ein bisschen weiter nach Osten

 I had the honour to be one of the interviewed people for this amazing radio play by Lucile Desamory and Nicholas Bussmann.

Listen to on Radio France Culture


Sound Art in the Global Context - BERLIN

Julia Gerlach @ Mindpirates Auditorium ©LauraMello

Sound Art in the Global Context was a workshop promoted by the DAAD Künstlerprogramm I have been invited to. My contribution to the forum was to make a list with links to sound art in Brazil.

Text taken from the DAAD website:

"In cooperation with Deutschlandradio Kultur, the Electronic Studio of the Technical University of Berlin Audio Communication, and the House for Electronic Arts Basel, the DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program is organising a workshop on the theme “Sound Art in a Global Context.


Von Zügen Ziehen

I´ve just posted my last piece Von Zügen ziehen for the project Personal Soundscapes from

About "Von Zügen ziehen":
8´00 stereo Soundscapes inside and outside trains and train stations in Germany. Train sounds are themselves the source for compositional impulses. The verb "Ziehen" as an idea of "extending", "stretching" the soundspace we live in. 
As it happens when one travels regularly by train: it becomes an extension, a stretch between two or more places one lives. Either sitting on a couch (sharing a cabin or even alone), working at a desk or laying on a bed, trains are small transportable rooms that extend our owns. Radio premiere: ORF, 28.10.2012


Art´s Birthday 2013

My presents this year can be heard/seen here.
Kafkeywordeska was premiered at Konzerthaus in 2012, a project by Klangnetz.
The piece was written for mezzosopran, male speaker, sub-Bbass flute, e-guitar, cembalo and percussion) and a 4-channel audio projection.

Excerpt of the video, an essential part of the stage design, by Nicolas Wiese:

wedding from quiet cue_intermedia&cooperation on Vimeo.

Want to know when is Art´s Birthday? More about here.


Sailing on the news

Sailing on the news @ Echoraum 24.-25.11.12 ©LauraMello

I will be performing my new piece calling Sailing on the News at Echoraum in Vienna, during the tow-days festival TEXTMUSIK | MUSIKTEXT. For this piece I´ve used recordings from hourly news transmissions from radio stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The sounding language was transformed into rhythm and melodies.


Velak @ Zeit-Ton extended OE1

Clock @ OE1 Studios - ©Andreas Stoiber

My good friends from VELAK and me are playing live on air in Vienna from 23:00 pm of today until 2:00 am from tomorrow on Zeit-Ton Extended. This is a special edition of Zeit-Ton, the radio transmission for experimental music on austrian radio OE1.


Kafkeywordeska - Kafka and the german language in the beginning of the 19th century

Grafik©Judith Keller

Kafkeywordeska is my piece based on Kafka´s book "Letter to his father" or later "Dearest father" (2008 translation by Hannah and Richard Stokes). Kafka wrote the letter in 1919, and in 2012, almost 100 years later, a group of five composers (Sarah Nemtsov, Rom Rojo Poller, Laura Mello, Arne Sanders and Sebastian Ellikowski-Winkler), together with director Lotte Greschik and dramatic adviser Mauricio Veloso, staged Kafkaskop,


She and It @ Quiet Cue

She + It live at Quiet Cue Berlin from quiet cue_intermedia&cooperation on Vimeo.

This is the story of a duo made of a brazilian girl and an european robot. Me, the "She" in the duo, and my partner the robot Krach, here named "It" were looking for a topic that could unite our pasts, that was our challenge for the concert @ Quiet Cue in Berlin.


Art´s Birthday 2012

© Kunstradio

Every year it is possible to present the art, uploading your audios, pictures or videos on Kunstradio´s pool. Listen to my presents to the birthday child here.

And what happens then? As said in:

 "Art's Birthday 2012 is an open-ended networked art-project of exchange and collaboration. The participants of Art's Birthday 2012 therefore agree to grant all others involved in the project the right of fair use of their contributions (images, sounds, texts,...) as a whole or in part. In exchange for granting these rights all participants have themselves the right to make fair use of all contributions to the network of Art's Birthday 2012. This also goes for the use of the documentation of early versions of the project for later versions of this art-project. "


Radio feature about quEAR! on Radio Blau

....aaaaaand we are on air again.

Radio feature about quEAR! das transtonale Ohrenfest on Radio Blau Leipzig.

The feature was made during:


Radio feature about quEAR!

Our workshop feature will be broadcasted on Transgenderradio.

Blitzradio - Instant radio: a radio workshop from Laura Mello (Metaphernwerkstatt) for the quEAR! Transtonalen Ohrenfestes

Feature authors:
Hanna Gudenau
Sonja Wellnitz
Nicole Meyer


Geschichte des Wartens im Schwarzen Kanal Aug 2011

Geschichte des Wartens:

Installation nach der Ausstellung Gudrun Schlemmers
@ Quear Audio Festival
5.-7.08.11 im Schwarzen Kanal
Vertont von Laura Mello
Mit den Stimmen von
Anne Kohl
Anna Tob
Christiane Marx
Oliver Kube


Blitzradio - Instant Radiomaking

Flyer quear!

This weekend I will be leading a workshop @ Wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal and will be very happy to welcome you in this workshop around radio making.

An introduction to broadcasting. How to produce a short feature? How to present my point of view concisely on air? We´ll record and edit a short (3-5 minutes) feature about the festival quEAR! das erste Trans*tonale Ohrenfest.

06.08.11 - 12:00 bis 18:00
Am Schwarzen Kanal

A project by


Klangnetz on Deutschland Funk

Klangnetz was networking in Berlin from 2004 - 2014 (actualized July 2014). Many new music concerts and festivals were organized by its members, and cooperations all around the world took place.
This month, Deutschland Funk made a feature on our work.


Geschichte des Wartens

©GudrunSchlemmer: http://www.schlemmerarte.de/galerie2/ausstg-ausstellung-01te.html

Geschichten des Wartens – Fluchtwege nach Europa
Eine mediale Installation zur Völkerverständigung
Interview der kooperierenden Künstlerinnen
Gudrun Schlemmer (Konzept und Ausführung)
Laura Mello (Sounddesign)
Zur Ausstellung im Kunstpavillon im Januar 2009 in München

Wortbeitrag mit Hörbeispielen
Gudrun Schlemmer und Laura Mello sprechen über ihre Erfahrungen, Motivation und Hintergründe, die sie während der Arbeit an ihrer Installation „Geschichten des Wartens“ gemacht haben.
Gudrun Schlemmer zeigte einen überbordender Kahn, eine schwer überwindbare Festung mit unzähligen aneinander gereihten Zeichnungen. Schicksale von Einwanderern und deren Angehörigen wurden dem Besucher interaktiv via CD-Player und Kopfhörer direkt zugänglich gemacht.
Die Soundkünstlerin Laura Mello komponierte für die Audio-Aufnahmen ein konzeptuelles Sounddesign.
Bilder zur Ausstellung unter SchlemmerArte


Grand Prix D´Amour

10 Jahre Grand Prix d'Amour
Freitag, 22.Mai 21:00 Festsaal Kreuzberg
Wir feiern dieses Jahr 10 Jahre Grand Prix d'Amour und da es um die Liebe geht feiern wir mit Schweiss und Gänsehaut, Lachen, süssen und bitteren Tränen. Verändert hat sich nicht viel, die Regeln sind die alten geblieben die Liebe fühlt sich auch immer noch so an.
Beitrag von Laura Mello: "When Will We Be Together"


Art´s Birthday - How come?

Robert Filliou (1926 - 1987), wearing the paper hat. Taken from artwiki.fr.
Art having birthday...one doesn´t have to wonder about the fact that this date was declared to be the one by french Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. It was back in 1963 and on January the 17th Art was said to be 1,000,000 years old. Since then there have been a bunch of other artists celebrating every january the birth of the art in different ways.


Invitation to touch - with Rachel Brooker & Anima Dance

Invitation at Dock 11 from Rachel Brooker on Vimeo
Invitation to touch was a performative and interactive installation directed by Rachel Brooker for which I had the pleasure to make the music.


Living Radio @ UniT - UdK Berlin

Living Radio from Laura Mello on Vimeo.

Am 09.02.08
in der Langen Musiktheaternacht
Uni.T UdK Fasanenstrasse 1B
18:00 Eintrit 4€ ermäßigt 2€

Eine Live Übetragung aus der nahegelegenen Umgebung
Für 2 kabellos verstärke Sprecher, Zuspiel und Live Elektronik.

In dieser Sendung wird kein Thema diskutiert, keine vorproduzierten Aussagen gefällt: Alles, was erzählt wird, ergibt sich echtzeit... Oder auch nicht.
Die Sendung wird von keinem herkömmlichen Radioteam produziert, hier sind Menschen nicht wichtiger als das technische Equipment. Sie sind wie defekte Filtergeräte, die durch ihren eigenen unkontrollierbaren Parameter die Wirklichkeit durchlassen.


Living Radio as a Try Out

LIVING RADIO try out version

Live audio guide for variable environment
MAX/MSP controls
Musiktheater (to be performed at "Lange Nacht des Musiktheaters" UdK Berlin 2008)

Two observers (a man and a woman) walk through the same space where other things are happening (other pieces from the Lange Nacht, they would be the „observers“ of the night, they could go from one theater play to other and watch the people going outside or at the entrance, talking either about what they´re seeing, either about what they think about it and how they imagine it could look like, if it wouldn´t be what it is. They see the space, the people and their relationship.


Project Soffio 2004 Frankfurt a. Main
by Paola Anzichè, Cynthia Markoff, Lars Nixdorff Juliana Herrero, Amit

KosmetikRadio helped translate sound in numbers. The structure of the shell is derived from the structure of a clarinet sound, described as formant values for each frequency as in fourier analysis.


Toilet Templates


An itinerant installation uses WCs as platforms for exchanges amongst cultures. The walls are covered with transparent plastic sheets, pencils and materials are hanging on the wall, which toilet users can use to write their thoughts. A monitor somewhere in the room shows a video from the written wall of the last site where the installation was. After the site has been visited and "used", I post-produce a video rewriting the best thoughts and record my act of writing, the sound of the pencil on the material, sometimes also the human voice. Thus, the video shown in the toilet will "grow" after each new site, serving as the so-called Template. For the next installation, the video will report the previous installation, using the messages as sources for new video and audio material, and so on. In the very first installation, the video was made of transparent squares, used as a template for writing chinese characters, because I hope one day to finish this installation in China.  Going into the WC installation, people from different countries and cultures can experience intimate thoughts about each other. After the installation reaches the final station in China, a video will display all of the videos at the same time on a big screen.
This installation is open for any kinds of thoughts, and reflects environments as they are. Nevertheless, I do not have the intention to spread any critical content like racism, sexism, fundamentalism or any "ism" that leads to any kind of violence.

The template video for the first installation:

1. Ladyfest Fringe @ Studiobühne Ritterstrasse Berlin