Sailing on the news

Sailing on the news @ Echoraum 24.-25.11.12 ©LauraMello

I will be performing my new piece calling Sailing on the News at Echoraum in Vienna, during the tow-days festival TEXTMUSIK | MUSIKTEXT. For this piece I´ve used recordings from hourly news transmissions from radio stations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The sounding language was transformed into rhythm and melodies.

Sailing on the news @ Echoraum 24.-25.11.12 ©LauraMello

The live moment of the radio transmissions was restaged as a live skype-chat, projected on the screen and visible to the audience during the performance. I want to thank so much the participants: Nurgül Koca (Berlin), Eunice Martins (Brussels), Benedikt Kofler, Johannes Pitschl, Caroline Profanter (Vienna).

And here is the video of the performance:

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