Jumping Sound System

A project by Stephan Pirker for Festival der Regionen, in Eferding (A) on June the 9th 2013.
Jumping Sound System were wired skiers wearing sensors and microphones that transmitted information via radio to the stadium about their load, speed and slope during the jump.

Hinzenbach´s Energie AG-Skisprung Arena is one of the few summer ski-jump complexes in Europe.

Jumping Sound System are:
CS-Sys 011 Pilot and Skibassist: Daniel Jarosch, CS-Sys 011 Skigitarrist: Fabian Jost, CS-Sys 012 Pilot and Boardist: Stephan Pirker; CS-Sys 013 Ej Effectjockeys: Michael Schweiger, Christoph Fügenschuh, Moderator: Mario Sinnhofer, Co-Moderator: Günter Hanninger; Kamera: Falko Purner, Daniel Jarosch, Martin Music; Springer: Dustin Hopfgartner

The audience took part in a kind of Happening, where participants who applied to "jump" got a "jumper shirt" and could take the train up to the starting point of the jump after some training.

Jumper-modell for better understanding of a jumper´s movements:

A real jumper never gives up

In the end there was a concert of instruments made of wired skiing stuff. 
Ski-guitar being tuned

Aaaaaand the winner is....

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