Living Radio - live Audio Guide Intervention - August 8 @ Museumsquartier Vienna

Foto: Laura Mello / Grafik: Frank Paul

Voices in the radio spot: Christoph Theussl, Fernanda Farah, Pawel Kaminski

TONSPUR für einen öffentlichen raum 2015
3-part Live-Audio-Guide-Intervention and Live-Radio Show

On August 8 turn on your radio on Orange 94.00 FM (in Vienna) or your internet device on http://o94.at/ and be a part of Living Radio.
Two actors investigate the area in Museumsquartier – Vienna, and speak their 
observations, impressions, fantasies into wireless microphones. The material from this live Audio Guide will be combined live with sound composed by Laura Mello (Artist-in-Residence in Quartier 21 curated by Tonspur) and broadcasted live on Orange 94.0 (http://o94.at) within the radio series from the viennese Radia collective. You can listen to it on spot using your smartphone with VHF radio or worldwide via internet radio.

Schedule on August 08 (click to listen to the full recording):

How to participate:


Livestream: http://o94.at
o94 Radio-App: http://app.o94.at
Radio UKW: 94.0 Mhz - in Wien
Telekabel: 92.7 Mhz - in Wien



Come to Museumsquartier on August 8 at the times listed above, look for the microphone, say the words “here”, “now” or "change" (in any language), and your voice may be integrated in the installation

Concept, Composition: Laura Mello

Actors: Roberta Cortese, Christoph Theußl
Sound direction: Wolfgang Musil
Organisation: Tonspur / Georg Weckwerth
Realisation: Orange 94.0
Partner: Ö1 Kunstradio, Radia

In its autopoietic intention, between real and staged life, accepting what is there through the filters of our actual condition, multiplied by our gained culture multiplied by the actual circumstances.

It may open space for individual spontaneous observations. For different kinds of expressions, different media: sounds and words in different accents or dialects.

The medium is the message and not invisible at all. It is as invisible as the illusion of your bodies, which we may be able to perceive, but still can hardly express in words.

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